Listed below are the members of Staten Island Rotary:


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Member Name   Classification
John Amodio    Business Consultant
Linda Baran    Chamber of Commerce
Enrico Bawar    comprehensive financial planning
Eric Campione    Plumbing and Heating
Samir Farag    Electronics Communications - Navigations
Flint Gennari   
Charlie Hermann, III    Savings Bank Administration Consultant
Lori Karelas    Property Management
PDG Don Lee    Higher Education - Computer Science
Jack LiGreci    Banquet Manager
Joe Marchese   
Dan Marotta, Esq   
Pat McDermott, CLU    Financial Planning
Patrick McGrade    Employee Benefits Consultant
MaryLee Montalvo    Public Relations
Rob Myers   
Mary Jane O'Connell    Real Estate
Joseph Pane    CPA - Accounting
Ka$h Pervez    Banking Professional
Kenneth Popler    Mental Health Services Administration
Abdul Rehman    Medical Practitioner - Internal Medicine
Danielle Reyes    Advance Life Insurance
Matt Scamardella    Funeral Director
Rosemarie Scampas    Corporate Gifts
Frank Scarangello    Heating & Air Conditioning
Ron Victorio    Architect
Mark Weg    CPA - Accountant
Fern Zagor, LCSW    Mental Health Service Administration
viewing 1 to 28 of 28                                           >> Next 8 >>
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